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Swallow the Leader by Danna Smith and Kevin Sherry

3, 2, 1… The countdown has ended and today our new book makes a big splash into the world!  Hooray!

swallow the leader high res cover
Swallow the Leader


What happens when you let the shark play follow-the-leader?   GULP!

An expressive group of cheerful fish play follow the leader in their ocean habitat, unaware that a shark lurks in the background. Count the fish from one to ten as each joins the game, then count back down to one when the leader snacks on a sea spider and sets off an unfortunate chain reaction (swallow the leader!). Luckily for everyone, fish number ten—the shark—gulps down his prey too quickly, and burrrrrrrp! they all swim out again.

Playlist Tags:

fiction, ocean, fish, counting, shark, follow the leader, rhyme

What readers are saying:

“Smith’s undersea romp is an enjoyable rhyme that, while introducing different denizens of the briny deep, could easily be adapted to a finger play or body rhyme at storytime…. Nothing fishy here: it’s a delish addition to storytime collections.” – Kirkus

“A happy ending caps this cheeky underwater adventure.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Readers will enjoy listening to the story and counting up and down as fish are added and swallowed. As the shark quips, ‘Delish!‘”  —School Library Journal


Activity Kit:

Download lots of fun fishy activities for the kiddos to do.


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