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Picture Book Themed Table Settings

Arctic White cover

I attended an Author’s Tea event this weekend.  Imagine my surprise when I walked in to find an ARCTIC WHITE table setting decked out with polar bears, snowflakes, and winter treats!  A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Bange of AAUW of Lodi, CA for creating this special table!

Seeing this table had me wishing my children were little again so I could start a tradition of creating a weekly or monthly picture-book-themed dinner table.  After dinner, there would be reading, crafts, and games associated with the chosen book.  What fun!

A quick search on my  Pinterest board will give you these and oodles more ideas for Arctic themed table settings, menus, and winter time play.


First, decorate your table. Remember to include the picture book, confetti, place cards, etc.


Start off with a warm, hearty soup in bread bowls like these cute penguins from


An unbearably cute Arctic Polar Bear dessert from


After dinner, read the book or have your children read (or tell the story) to you!


Choose from a heaping snow pile of Arctic Crafts by


And finish up the night with a game of Snowman Ball Toss from!

Make this a tradition and explore a new picture each month!  I’d love to see pictures of your picture book table settings! Please send them to and I’ll share your fun on my Facebook Page!

5 thoughts on “Picture Book Themed Table Settings

  1. Dear Danna, I was thrilled to see my ARCTIC WHITE table featured in your blog. I had a great time planning the table and my out of state nephews will be receiving the ARCTIC WHITE books for Christmas. What wonderful enrichment ideas you included in your website. I definitely will be including some enrichment ideas when I send the books to the boys. I’m really looking forward to your soon to be published book about falconry. It was so nice seeing you at the tea and hearing you speak to the attendees. Hope to see you again at another future event. Janet Bange

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Janet, I enjoyed speaking at the tea! Your table was such fun, I had to share. I hope your nephews enjoy reading Arctic White and have fun with activity kit. Yes, just 5 months and The Hawk of the Castle will be published- yay! Danna


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