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A Cat is Better

A Cat Is Better high res COVER


Quick, raise your hand if you think a cat is better than a dog. In this funny new hit, Cat is absolutely positive she is better than the dog her owner also brings home from the animal shelter. The feline with plenty of “cat”itude is more than willing to explain why she is the perfect pet, “A cat is more elegant than a dog. See how gracefully I leap?” and “A dog yips and yaps and whines.  But a cat is musical.  Just listen to my purrs.”A Cat Is Better take me home

A Cat Is Better bath

In the end, Cat finds that it can get awfully lonely without a  friend around and decides that although cats are better, sometimes dogs can be purrfect.

Why I love this book

There are many picture books on the market that deal with serious issues, it was nice to come across this clever book that offers kids (and adults) a chance for a friendly debate and an opportunity to be silly.

A Cat is Better
by Linda Joy Singleton
Illustration Jorge Martin
Published by Little Bee Books, June 2017

Buy A Cat is Better here to add it to your playlist!

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