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Pablo in the Snow

Pablo in the Snow


What is soft, fluffy, and white? Pablo’s wool, of course. But this little lamb soon discovers that there’s something else as well: SNOW! From making trails to sledding with friends, having snowball fights and crafting snowmen, there’s tons of fun to be had in the snow. But winter days grow dark very fast, and Pablo finds himself lost on his way home. Not to worry—Mama and Papa help Pablo get back to the cozy barn so he can talk about his adventures.

Why I love this book

Pablo’s curiosity is contagious! I found myself wondering where each trail would lead and rooting for him every chilly step of the way. Pablo makes new friends, has adventures and, in the end, is comforted in knowing his parents have always got his back.

Rosalinde Bonnet’s darling illustrations in India ink and watercolor portray the winter landscape and Pablo’s sweet character perfectly.

Snuggle close to your little ones this winter and enjoy this heartwarming tale.

Interior Spreads

Pablo in the Snow interior2.jpg

“A sweet little tale about discovery and finding joy in  nature, friends, and family.”–School Library Journal

Pablo in the Snow interior1Illustrations © 2017 Rosalinde Bonnet


Buy here to add this hit to your playlist

Pablo in the Snow
by Teri Sloat
Illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet
A Christy Ottaviano Book/Henry Holt and Company
January 10, 2017



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