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Arctic White Turns Two!

Arctic White cover

When you live in the Arctic in winter, everything is a shade of white.”  Most of the U.S. is covered in white at the moment. Is this nature’s way of celebrating Arctic White‘s Book Birthday? I’m gonna say YES! I can’t believe it has already been two years since Arctic White was illustrated by amazing artist Lee White and released by publisher Henry Holt.


A young girl looks around her home in the Arctic and sees only white, white, white…but one day her grandfather takes her on a journey through the tundra. And at the end of their cold walk across the ice, they find something special that brings color into their world.

Since it’s release date, Arctic White has received much love- it was an SCBWI Crystal Kite Award finalist, on Literati’s Best Books list of 2017, it received many lovely reviews and was  used in classrooms to teach literacy, geography, science and art!

“While this book easily fulfills core curriculum standards in literacy, geography, and science; the art teacher might get the most mileage from it. Surely the children can produce wonderful colors from any part of the world to decorate their winter hallways.” -2nd Grade Reading Blog.

Book Love

The best book love of all is when I receive letters from and about kids who enjoy reading. This is Mason, whose mother sent this photo of him giving the book two thumbs up!


And this is Ana whose grandmother gave her an autographed copy and a polar bear as a gift for reading 200 books over the summer in her summer reading program! Way to go girl!

Ana, Arctic White and polar bear. summer reading program

“Life in winter is shades of white in Smith’s sweet tale of the frozen North…White’s lively, detailed illustrations capture a vastness and mystery, incorporating bursts of red and green seamlessly into a dusky gray world.” – New York Times

Interior Pages

arctic white 4arctic white croparctic white 1ArcticWhite painting2

“The last few pages of the swirling, glowing, swooping Northern Lights are impressive enough to inspire readers to see this natural phenomenon for themselves.” -School Library Journal

Further the picture book fun with these links

Click to Download the Activity Guide.

Click to find Arctic Themed Crafts to do with the kiddos.

Buy this book to add it to your playlist.

A heart-felt THANK YOU to all parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, bookstores and everyone who shared the love and supported Arctic White these first two years!

“It’s a wintertime read, one that brings color to the coldest of days.” -Julie Danielson, Book Page Review

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