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Purrrfect Picture Books for Animal Lovers

Picture Books Purrrfect for Animal Lovers

It’s summertime and many children are free as birds having flown from the confines of school classrooms everywhere. But that doesn’t mean the reading has to end! In fact summer reading programs are popping up at libraries nationwide. Today, I’ve collected a few of my favorite books about animals, some thought-provoking, some educational, and others just plain silly. Use them as a guide to help little ones experience new events or handle big emotions. So go ahead, go hog-wild adding these books to your playlist!


What a beautiful book in both text and illustrations!  Wednesday the whale lives in a fish bowl. As Wednesday watches the world circle around her, a little girl tells her that she doesn’t belong in a fish bowl, she should be in the sea. Wednesday begins to wonder “What is the sea?”  A thought-provoking story about a creature longing to be free and finding her place in the world. A perfect Segway into talking about the concept of the injustice of captivity.

Check here to learn more about WHALE IN A FISH BOWL and to add it to your playlist.



I adore this book! As a little girl, Joan Procter loved lizards, crocodiles and snakes, in fact she invited them to tea! As she grew,  her love of reptiles never waned and she became the scientist in charge of the reptiles at the Natural History Museum. This little gem with quirky colorful illustrations explores Joan Procter’s life in a straightforward manner all kids (and adults) will devour. Back matter gives a more detailed look at Joan Procter as well as information on Komodo dragons.

Click here to learn more about JOAN PROCTER, DRAGON DOCTOR and to add it to your playlist.

lucy loves goosey

This is a cute book about a little pup who is certain a goose is her big sister and sets out to prove it. Goosey is having none of it—but fear not, goosey turns out to be soft-hearted in the end. We love this book at our house, especially the surprise ending!

Click here to learn more about LUCY LOVES GOOSEY and to add it to your playlist.

Pet this Book

“Hello, friend! It’s time to play! We’re taking care of pets today!”  This interactive book is so much fun! The rhyming text invites readers to pat, brush, feed and love all the animals.  You’re little animal lover won’t want this one to end and will say again, again!

Click here to learn more about PET THIS BOOK and to add it to your playlist.

If Wendel had a Walrus

Okay, so (spoiler alert) the walrus in this story is not real. But if Wendell had a walrus, he’d bet they’d ride bikes, tell jokes, make forts and have a grand time together. While he waits for a walrus, Wendell meets a friend on the beach and they have a rollicking adventure. The soft pastel colored illustrations done in watercolor are dreamy. My favorite page is the last one—an unexpected, totally satisfying and funning ending.

Click here to learn more about IF WENDELL HAD A WALRUS and to add it to your playlist.



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