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The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse


“This story is about a mouse, and how he got swallowed up by a wolf, and who he met down in its belly, and what happened after that.”

When a mouse is gobbled up by a wolf, he starts carrying on, “Oh woe! Oh me!” he says fearing the end is near. Until he hears, “Be quiet! I’m trying to sleep.”  Who could it be?  Mouse wanders down the dark halls of the wolf’s belly and finds a duck in pajamas. “It’s morning,” mouse tells him. Duck finds himself wishing the belly had a window or two so he’d know morning from night.

The duck and the mouse become fast friends and start dancing which upsets the wolf’s tummy. Duck shouts “I have a cure!”  The cure involves wolf eating a hunk of good cheese, and a flagon of wine (and some beeswax candles). The wolf promptly obeys, and Duck and Mouse sit down to a delicious candlelit feast of wine and cheese just as a hunter shoots at the wolf. Together they devise a plan to defend their home.

A humorous and irreverent tale by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen that is sure to delight!

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The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse


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