Chicken Lily: A Winning Combination

If there is one thing I like more than books it’s winning books! This darling picture book by Lori Mortensen and Nina Victor Crittenden came in the mail as a result of a Twitter contest. And  now I get to share this punny yet encouraging story with you. SUMMARY Chicken Lily is a lot of things but…… Continue reading Chicken Lily: A Winning Combination

PIRATE NAP turns 7 years old!

What better place for naptime than a grand pirate ship on the high seas? I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since PIRATE NAP was released into the world! It warms my heart when I read online customer reviews like these: “An instant family favorite. I’ve owned it for three months and read it about 12…… Continue reading PIRATE NAP turns 7 years old!