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Chicken Lily: A Winning Combination


If there is one thing I like more than books it’s winning books! This darling picture book by Lori Mortensen and Nina Victor Crittenden came in the mail as a result of a Twitter contest. And  now I get to share this punny yet encouraging story with you.


Chicken Lily is a lot of things but brave she is not. When her teacher announces a Grand-Slam Poetry Jam, Lily is terrified of getting up on stage and sounding like a birdbrain! She does everything she can think of to get out of writing a poem and reciting it to her classmates. That is until she realizes, “The only thing worse than reading a poem would be standing on stage with no poem at all.” Chicken Lily pens a poem but will she fall flat on her beak in front of a crowd?




Lily tries to convince her teacher she has too much to do and therefore can’t possibly participate in the Grand-Slam Poetry Jam. The list she unfurls cracks me up!

  • Feather my nest
  • Put all my eggs in one basket
  • Count the chickens before they hatch
  • Cross the road
  • Give a bawk, bawk here and a bawk, bawk there.

This book is a winning combination of fear, bravery, friendship and encouragement.  Be a good egg and share this book with your littles, they won’t be disappointed.

Add Chicken Lily to your playlist here.

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