Crane & Crane = Compare & Contrast

What does a sandhill crane and a construction crane have it common? They can both build a home for a new family.  Both cranes lift, stack, and sway their way through this clever book told with just twenty-seven carefully selected words. Summary One big bird. One big machine. Both on the same mission: build a…… Continue reading Crane & Crane = Compare & Contrast

Purrrfect Picture Books for Animal Lovers

It’s summertime and many children are free as birds having flown from the confines of school classrooms everywhere. But that doesn’t mean the reading has to end! In fact summer reading programs are popping up at libraries nationwide. Today, I’ve collected a few of my favorite books about animals, some thought-provoking, some educational, and others…… Continue reading Purrrfect Picture Books for Animal Lovers

A Cat is Better

Summary Quick, raise your hand if you think a cat is better than a dog. In this funny new hit, Cat is absolutely positive she is better than the dog her owner also brings home from the animal shelter. The feline with plenty of “cat”itude is more than willing to explain why she is the…… Continue reading A Cat is Better